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Feature #14: Remembering Robin

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"Tango Negro, The African Roots of Tango by Angolan filmmaker Dom Pedro explores the expression of Tango’s Africanness and the contribution of African cultures in the creation of the tango. Tango was a reflection of the social life of the slaves that were taken to South America — including Argentina and Uruguay — mostly from central Africa, particularly from the former Kongo Kingdom.

Director Dom Pedro reveals the depth of the footprints of the African music on the tango, through this rich movie combining musical performances and interviews from many tango fans and historians in Latin America and Europe, including the renowned Argentinean pianist Juan Carlos Caceres.”

Directed by Dom Pedro, 2013, 93 min., France, Documentary , French/Spanish/ English subt. - US Distributors - ArtMattan Films www.AfricanFilm.com

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Introducing Owen Dippie

Hailing from the beautifully scenic Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, Owen Dippie’s art has taken him across the globe, his pieces have become iconic wherever he’s laid down his paint (especially in NYC and Melbourne). He’s humble and extremely talented. His site has awesome prints and shirts available at very affordable prices. Support good people.


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  • August 26th, 2014

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