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Feature #15: Hyperrealism

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Who is that? Independent Artist: Joshua Dugue "Lonely World"


A native of Chicago’s north suburbs, the humble and alluring Joshua Dugue is an independent singer, songwriter, and acoustic guitarist. His voice is velvety smooth and with his guitar in the background supporting every note, the sound of his music makes a perfectly blended ballad.

With a touch of synesthesia and huge array of musical knowledge, Joshua’s talent is a breath of fresh air and something I believe this music industry could use right now. His devotion and admiration for music is embodied in his newly completed first album Lonely World that he worked so to complete and it is awesome.

Be on the look out because the album will be available soon and as a fan I am excited to be able to share his passion with everyone. So support and become a fan too! You can start by clicking on the link above to listen to my favorite song.  Sweet Mystery.